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It all starts with STATS Testing. 

You'll be tested in the critical core competencies of speed, strength, agility, and endurance.

Compare your STATS to other players, and get to work on the areas you need to improve.

Give college coaches and recruiters a reliable source for information about YOU. 

Find the workout plans, exercises, videos and more - all free inside!

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STATS Trainers

Whether you're just getting started or are an old pro with years of experience, STATS Trainer tools give you what you need to bring your athletes - and your business - to another level.

Licensing, testing, training.

Connect with athletes, trainers, coaches.

Give your clients exposure to recruiters.

Get all this and more FREE inside as a STATS Trainer.

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What people are saying about STATS Training ...

The STATS trainer came out to our practices and indivdually tested our players.  The group workouts have become very popular, and you can really tell the difference.  It has increased not only performance but also the intensity of the players.


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